3 October 2010

Rainy Night In Georgia?* No, rainy nite in an E21…

Seeing as my daily driver Rover is off the road due to a) the work I need to do to it and b) the lack of time to do it,   I've been using the Bride Of Luger as the daily car. Nothing wrong in that, but as the weather draws in I’d rather use it sparingly. On Saturday night, I was finishing up at my workshop and was picking up a few friends as we were going out (I drew the designated driver gig), and had to drive in rain.
How much? Er, all of it I think….

You’d think a car designed in the 1970’s would suck in a storm, but the heating and demisting was so well designed it was never an issue. Had a chat with one of the doorman at the club as he saw my car when I came in, turned out he’s had various Bimmers from an E23 to his current late-model E39 540i.
Much later in the night, going home on the A40 to London through driving rain, I saw 4 cars broken down at various points, in areas of standing water on the road. Next time you’ll know better than to go full-pelt through a puddle, eh chaps?
The fifth car I saw broken down was a whole different story. This:

A BMW 3.0 CSA. Now there’s no way I couldn't not stop for a member of the BMW ‘brotherhood’. It turns out the guy; John I think his name was, I was a bit slack-jawed at seeing the car so wasn't paying full attention. He'd had just bought the car and was driving it back from the Isle Of Man (!) when his battery went flat; he’d been waiting for ages and was looking at waiting even longer as the AA for some unknown reason were suddenly inundated with calls.... He’d diagnosed a slack alternator belt, but rather than faff around in the rain, he’d whipped out his spare battery from the boot and put that in. he didn't really need my help but I'm glad he got it sorted. He's also a member of the BMWCC and is going to their Silverstone track day with a few other CS-owing chums. Good luck with that, John.
David Ruffin, Randy Crawford (hell even George Benson), you ain't got nuttin’ on last Saturday night…

*For the Uninitiated "Rainy Night in Georgia" is a song written by Tony Joe White in 1962 and popularized by R&B vocalist Brook Benton in 1970, although I personally like the Randy Crawford and David Ruffin versions. 

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