11 October 2010

Exhaust, Wheels...and Wood

Time for an update:
Lots of little jobs to do on The Bride, a few of them getting ticked off. The exhaust downpipes had started to rattling like a bitch, so thought it would be a simple job to tighten the bracket that comes off the gearbox. Only I'd completely forgotten it didn't have one. Well, doh. Luckily I found one on The Bay Of E for a cheap price, some etch primer, Hammerite and new nuts & bolts later:

And fitted. Well not the gearbox bracket, I couldn't get it past the crossmember bush. Job done. Now I've got to fix the blow I can hear now the rattle's gone.

Right now the car's my daily driver until I finish my Rover. Including hauling wood around to make a flower bed. Good for traction, would have been a bitch for anyone rear-ending me. Hopefully it will be in hibernation before the Winter sets in.

Recognise these wheels? They're a set of  Fondmetal cross-spokes bought from a friend  (hey, my wheels have been featured in Retro Cars and PPC!)  with a good set of Toyo Proxes, I'll put them on when the spring comes, still deliberating over whether to paint the centres gold.

It isn't all roses, alas: the chemical weld repair I did to the sump I while back decided to fall out right outside my garage after driving back from my workshop on Sunday, delightfully depositing the contents of the sump on the floor. If I can't get a steel one from someone, I'll have to faff taking it off my spare M20B23 lump and even then it's gonna be a ballache changing it over.

More progress on the Luger too: Bought a set of Willwood brake calipers from another friends Alpina E21 and have been cleaning/painting polishing various brackets as well as getting stuck into the wiring loom for the new engine. Little steps, but getting there.

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