21 May 2011

E21 PPC Photoshoot

Been a while since I've updated this, what with the blogs and everything else. Have loads to post, but for now will put up some piccies from the PPC magazine E21 photoshoot of my car. Must say it looked a little disheveled compared to some of the quality E21s owned by my friends, but then it is a 133,000 mile beater.

All hail The Forgotten BMW, we doff our caps- er, bonnets to you!

It wasn't all good news for me though; the Fondmetal/Toyo combo I'd fitted just the previous night pulled one of my front arches out slightly, which is the cars way of telling me I'll need to pull out a pair of my NOS front dampers as the current ones have become too bouncy through age. That, and when I jacked up the rear to put the wheels on, I noticed the halfshaft boots look like they can be carbon-dated to the birth of Christ. Time to rebuild another set from the bunker...

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