19 May 2010

The Bride Gets Serviced. Oo-er.

Thought I should post an update, as I've been juggling three car projects. The new car (The Bride Of Luger) has had something near a re-commissioning (well the car's only done 2000 miles since 2003) as I wanted to tackle a litany of niggling faults, so that she'll be completely reliable as a daily driver. That way I can take the Rover off the road to do the VVC swap.
A re-commissioning you say? Well how about:
New plugs, timing belt, tensioner, water pump, oil, oil filter, air filter, PAS belt, alternator belt, ballast resistor for the Bosch radiator fan, new injectors from my parts pile (a mate of mine used to work for Bosch so got stuff at cost - we filled our boots...
Rebuilding a warm-up regulator for the K-Jet as the idle speed is erratic.
Stripping and repainting the pulleys, various brackets and crank balancer, as they were all rusty.

Degreasing the whole engine bay - 28 years worth of caked-on grease get tedious after a while.

Peek-a-boo, I see you...
Repairing a crack in the sump that meant evvvvvvery last drop of oil had to be drained before I could make with the chemical weld. And various little wiring bodges that had to be ironed out. Did anyone that owned this car previously ever hear of solder?
That said, I found out it's had new wheel hub bearings and exchange  front brake calipers, so the car's had new bits on it recently.
Now it's getting somewhere near my standard.
Did get a chance to put an E36 325i battery cable in the green car (The Luger) and the loom for the B25 is nearly done. Next task is to mount the ECU under the driver's side dash area. Well, I wanna put gloves in me glovebox, innit?

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